Bryan Fuller exits Apple’s Amazing Stories reboot

Amazing Stories anthology series is left looking for a showrunner after Bryan Fuller exits

Bryan Fuller has officially exited Apple’s reboot of Amazing Stories, according to THR. The decision to leave has been put down to creative differences.

Fuller was on board with the show since the beginning, originally developing it for NBC before it made the move to Apple with a full series pick-up. He was lined up to serve as showrunner. However, it sounds as though Apple was picturing a more family-friendly series than Fuller had in mind.

This is the third series Fuller has left over the last couple of years (after he quit Star Trek Discovery and was fired from American Gods following a budget dispute) and it’s starting to look like some kind of ancient curse is at play.

The original Amazing Stories was an episodic anthology series that premiered on NBC in 1985 and ran for two seasons and 45 episodes. It was created by Steven Spielberg and explored tales rooted in sci-fi, fantasy and horror.

Before Fuller left the series, he was also set to serve as an executive producers alongside Spielberg, Amblin Television’s Justin Falvey and Darryl Frank, and Hart Hanson. However, Hanson also exited Amazing Stories shortly after Fuller, leaving the series to search for a new showrunner.

Fuller is now working on Paramount Television’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles, and we’re pumped.

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