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Bruce Campbell says he’s done playing Ash following Ash Vs Evil Dead’s cancellation

The mighty Bruce Campbell is hanging up the chainsaw hand and saying goodbye to Evil Dead’s Ash

Starz’s cancellation of the wonderful Ash Vs Evil Dead was announced a couple of days ago and, as you’d expect, there was a flurry of fan activity to try and find a new home for the show ahead of its final two episodes. Could someone like Netflix swoop in and give us a fourth season of Deadite slaying? Seems like the answer is no.

Bruce Campbell took to Twitter to thank fans for their support, but to tell them he’s done.

The actual existence of Ash Vs Evil Dead always seemed like something of a miracle for Evil Dead fans given the number of years we spent hearing about a potential Evil Dead 4 and then hearing that it was just rumours (at a certain point, Campbell and Raimi must have just been trolling us). It’s absolutely wonderful that we got three whole seasons of Campbell bringing everyone’s favourite world-saving, boomstick-toting idiot back, and although we’re sad that he’s putting the weaponry and beer cans down, we’re grateful for what we’ve had.

(Still, you know, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell probably should make one more Evil Dead film, right? Just to tie it all up?)

Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 is currently airing on Starz in the US and Virgin Media On Demand in the UK.