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Brit sci-fi author working on a trio of EA games

The Altered Carbon author turns his hand to gaming.

altered_carbonSci-fi author Richard K Morgan has announced that he is lending his skills to writing the stories for three upcoming EA games titles. As reported by NowGamer, via Morgan’s own website, the author of Altered Carbon and Black Man said the following about this new venture:

“About a year ago, and out of the blue, I got an email from one John Miles, an enforcer (okay, not really) for the British arm of EA Games,” says Morgan. “He had a proposition for me, was I interested? Interested, of course, was putting it mildly. Videogaming is the only thing in my life that I would fully qualify as an addiction.”

Although Morgan remains tight-lipped on what particular games he is writing for, website Kotaku is in with a good shout surmising that a sequel to Dead Space could well be a possibility.

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