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Boys On Film presents They Come At Night, Mostly

Celebrate Halloween with Boys On Film’s gay short horror film collection

Halloween is tomorrow, and if you’re looking to go beyond your standard fare, you should check out Boys On Film‘s new gay short film collection They Come At Night, Mostly, available from Peccadillo Pictures.

Collecting shorts from their 13 volumes of short film collections, the spooky selection includes a wide variety of chills and scares. Our favourite was The Samurai director Till Kleinert’s Cowboy, a 2008 short which features his Samurai star Pit Bukowski as a seductive young guy who has a few surprises for the businessman who pays a visit to his village.

There’s also striking animation featuring monstrous teddy bears, some skin-crawling home invasion horrors, vampires, deadly diseases and much more. An exclusive new short film called ‘Want It’ is also included, which will be in their Boys On Film 14 collection in 2016.

As per the press release,

“Collect your holy water, lock the doors and turn off the lights as BOYS ON FILM presents THEY COME AT NIGHT, MOSTLY bringing together the best scares from the first 13 volumes of BOYS ON FILM. From home invasions, tentacled monsters and seductive cowboys to a nightmare at the end of the world. This collection features some of the most terrifying and blood-curdling gay short films from this world and the next.”

It’s available to rent or buy on Vimeo now. Keep up with latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.