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Book your tickets for BFX Festival now!

BFX showcases the best of the visual effects and animation industry

Naturally, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was full to the brim with astonishing practical and visual effects, from the intricacies of the downed star destroyer on Jakku to the ice-ridden plains of the Starkiller Base. But how was it made?

On 11 October (that’s next week, btw) Industrial Light & Magic will be delivering an awesome behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film at BFX Festival in Bournemouth, UK.

The fact that you’re on this website at all means that you’re likely a Star Wars fan. A big one, perhaps. This is a really great opportunity to see how some of the universe’s finest worlds and machines were built by some sufficiently arty folks in London.

ILM’s Mike Mulholland and Kevin Jenkins will be talking about the amazing effects work on The Force Awakens, and in the evening there’ll be a screening of the film.

In addition to ILM, illustrator Dave McKean (of Sandman fame) will be talking about his work to date, as well as new projects he has on the horizon.

BFX Festival takes place 10-16 October at Bournemouth International Centre on the UK’s sunny south coast and is a celebration of all things VFX. Head over to the official site to see the full schedule and grab your tickets!