Bond in talks to fight Aliens with Cowboys

Daniel Craig set to replace Robert Downey Junior. Why?

c&aliensDaniel Craig is reportedly in talks to assume the role recently vacated by Robert Downey Junior, in Cowboys and Aliens.

The film, adapted from a graphic novel and directed by Iron Man 2 helmer Jon Favreau, recently lost its lead actor due to a heavy workload, unsurprising given the actor’s continued involvement with both the aforementioned Iron Man franchise and the recent Sherlock Holmes. It deals with the idea of Native American and settler forces banding together in the days of the Wild West, in the face of an attack from extra-terrestrial forces.

Craig is an odd choice for the role, which we assume will have to balance a sense of drama and humour, given the inherently ridiculous notion of an advanced spacefaring invasion force not being able to utterly pulverise defences that haven’t quite mastered widescale electricity yet. That being said, we quite like the idea of James Bond single-handedly defeating an alien race using a combination of dry wit, parkour and some decidedly intense glowering.

The British actor’s involvement was originally reported by Collider.