Blumhouse making monthly anthology horror TV series

Jason Blum’s horror factory will deliver monthly chills for Hulu

Blumhouse looks set to continue its efforts to dominate the horror genre, as it’s been announced that the production company has set up a deal with Hulu.

Variety reports that the two companies will be working on a 12-episode monthly horror anthology series, with a new chapter arriving each month starting in October. Halloween, you know it makes sense.

And that’s really all the details that have been reported at this point, apart from the fact that the episodes are expected to be standalones although “some narrative device or structural device is expected to connect them.”

There are currently no creatives attached to the show, although given the roster of great filmmakers who’ve worked with Jason Blum, it would be nice if we could see some veterans dropping by…

Meanwhile, Blumhouse is still moving ahead with The Purge TV series, which apparently will focus on what life is like to live in that world during the rest of the year. So, when crime is still illegal but you know that your neighbour might murder you on Purge Night if you don’t turn down your music.

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