Big Hero 6 gets Bolt director and Tangled producer

Manga-style Marvel movie Big Hero 6 confirms co-director and co-writer, and producer

Baymax and Hiro as they appear in the comic
Baymax and Hiro as they appear in the comic

Disney’s first feature-length Marvel animation, Big Hero 6, based on the relatively obscure anime-inspired miniseries, will be co-written and co-directed by Chris Williams according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Williams, who wrote and directed Bolt and shares writing credits on Mulan, Brother Bear and The Emperor’s New Groove, joins Winnie The Pooh director Don Hall on the project. Tangled producer Roy Conli has also joined the production.

Big Hero 6, which is being animated in stereoscopic 3D CGI, follows teen robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada and his robot bodyguard as they save the city of San Fansokyo from evil-doers with the help of the fast and explosive Gogo, super-spy Honey Lemon, sushi chef Wasabi and were-kaiju Fred.

Big Hero 6 is due for release 7 November 2014. Pick up Chris Claremont and David Nakayama’s Big Hero 6: Brave New World on Comixology for $8.99 (approx £5.80).