Beyond The Gates exclusive UK artwork for awesome retro horror

Check out the awesome UK art for VHS adventure horror Beyond The Gates starring Barbara Crampton

We’re big fans of Jackson Stewart’s VHS adventure horror Beyond The Gates, which we caught at FrightFest this summer and have been telling people about ever since. Having hit US cinemas yesterday, there’s now a confirmed UK release for the movie and we have the UK artwork for you.

Beyond The Gates will be available digitally on 13 February and will hit DVD on 20 February, and we highly recommend checking it out.

The film stars Graham Skipper (Almost Human, The Mind’s Eye) and Chase Williamson (John Dies At The End, The Guest) as brothers Gordon and John, who reunite to clear out their missing father’s video store. While rummaging around in the office, they dig up an old VHS adventure game and decide to play with Gordon’s girlfriend Margot (Brea Grant, Worry Dolls, Halloween II). The game’s host (genre legend Barbara Crampton) reveals that this is no ordinary tape, and that if they want to save their father, they’re going to have to play the game…

It’s a fun blend of Joe Dante-channelling, Jumanji-style chaos but with a gory horror twist and very good performances. We can’t wait to see it again.

You can read what we thought of Beyond The Gates in our Horror Channel FrightFest coverage here, and you can catch it digitally on 13 February and on DVD on 20 February.

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