Being Human’s Russell Tovey wants a spin-off

George and Nina should get their own spin-off reckons former Being Human star Russell Tovey.

Being Human Russell Tovey George

Being Human Russell Tovey George
Russell Tovey as werewolf George in Being Human

In a Twitter exchange with BBC Three, Being Human fan-favourite Russell Tovey suggested that his character George Sands, who was killed at the beginning of Series 4, should have his own spin-off off show, alongside Sinead Keenan’s Nina Pickering, who was also killed, albeit off screen between series.

“Just putting it out there… How about a #George and #Nina #BeingHuman spin off special?” he said.

BBC Three responded “OMG. That would be AMAZING!!!! I like your thinking!.”

After fans predictably leapt in to second the motion, BBC Three added, “Ooh you’ve opened a can of worms now!”

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