Being Human Season 4: “Aidan is funnier and more dangerous”

Being Human US star Sam Witwer reveals Season 4 secrets and Aidan’s woman troubles…

Sam Witwer as brooding vampire Aidan Waite in Being Human US
Sam Witwer as brooding vampire Aidan Waite in Being Human US

When Being Human US Season 4 returns, vampire Aidan Waite (Sam Witwer) will have a lot on his plate. The end of Season 3 saw the unexpected return of his wife, who was supposedly drowned for being a suspected witch centuries ago.

“It’s rough, right?” says Sam Witwer on his character’s predicament, speaking exclusively to SciFiNow. “Is he still really married? It’s ’til death do us part, but she didn’t really die? How does that work? How the hell is she here? That’s a complicated issue.

“In a weird way she’s kind of a watermark for Aidan because she’s the only one who knew him before he became who he is, but at the same time she’s changed a lot too, so these two people are coming back together after 200 years not knowing what to expect.”

One thing viewers can be prepared for is that she won’t be the same woman we glimpsed in the Season 3 flashback. “She’s a very different person and she discovers that Aidan’s quite different as well,” Witwer continues.

“It’s something that complicates everything because Aidan’s in a relationship with Kat, which he loves. He’s going to restaurants and pretending to eat but having a good time, and going to the movies and reading in bed next to a woman – it’s miraculous!

“This is crazy that it’s even happening to him so he’s motivated to protect that but this woman is back and he can’t ignore it. They had a kid together and the procreation thing has always been a theme with  Aidan – this need to pass on a legacy. There’s tons of stuff going on for Aidan this year.”

One other major storyline Aidan will be embroiled in is the question of whether he will ever stake his own life, so to speak. In the past he’s mourned the death he will never have, but when a priest asked him why he doesn’t take matters into his own hands in Season 1, Aidan answered with his fists.

“We deal with that issue this year and find out what his major crisis in life is,” adds Witwer. “Underlining that is a bad guy and we’ve seen him to bad things in the show, but there has always been a justification you could wrap your head around. This time, there’s no upshot.

“We learn he’s secretly prideful of the things he was able to accomplish when it came to killing people. He’s a complicated guy this year. He’s still an addict, but we wanted to put him in more danger, the greatest threat being himself. He’s at once funnier and at the same time more dangerous.”

Being Human Season 4 returns tonight, 9pm, 8pm central, only on Syfy.