Being Human signed script and quilt could be yours

Being Human fans give back to the show, and the world through Amnesty International

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While most fans scream and rant at the end of a cherished show and leave it at that, Irish Fox (aka Whimsyfox) and MancVamp from the official BBC Being Human blog decided to raffle off an array of goodies – including a script for Series Four, Episode Seven’s ‘Making History’ signed by creator Toby Whithouse and a gorgeous quilt inspired by the same episode and signed by Hal star Damien Molony – with the proceed going to Amnesty International, the charity of Whithouse’s choosing.

Where did the idea of a charity fundraiser come from?

Whimsyfox: From the beginning Being Human has had a strong connection with fans. It has sparked camaraderie and creativity, uplifted many from drab times and has indeed made us look at the world in a whole new way. When the announcement was made that series 5 was the final series of Being Human, the fandom went into mourning. We were dumbfounded and asked what we could do. Many cries for a petition, a fundraiser, something like Kickstarter, were heard. As Lord Toby said, the bloggers and fans helped nourish this show before. Unfortunately, what we’d like to do, to get MORE of our beloved show, isn’t something we fans have control over.

But I felt I had to do something. For me, as for so many others, Being Human isn’t just a show to watch. It has had an enormous impact in my life. Because of the BBC Being Human blog, I made many friends, shared many wonderful moments and conversations, and I’ve been inspired to create, not just in something I’m already comfortable with, quilting, but also in something I never thought I was capable of doing, writing. With the encouragement of other fanfiction writers I’ve embraced Lord Toby’s offer for the fans to take the characters into new adventures and have created my little piece of Being Human heaven. It’s been quite an addicting adventure! I want to show how THANKFUL I am that Being Human was brought into my life and to celebrate the continuing ties that bind us together. That’s where this fundraiser comes in.

What feedback have you had from Toby?

MancVamp: When I first proposed this fundraiser to Lord Toby to ask which charity he would choose, I didn’t expect a response as he is so busy creating a new show for BBC One – The Game, which starts filming very soon. But he replied straight away:

“That’s absolutely wonderful. So kind and thoughtful of you. I’m honoured that you feel so inspired to do such a good and kind deed. My charity would have to be Amnesty International. I’ve been an admirer of theirs for many years and think they do amazing work. Good luck! Oh, and the Quilt is AMAZING – gorgeous”

It seems like a good way to keep in touch now Being Human has finished. Do you think more fandoms could benefit from projects like this?

MancVamp: Being Human fans have done many fun projects over the past five years, especially on the BBC Being Human blog. The cast, crew, production team at Touchpaper were always incredibly generous and supportive. Now the show is finished we keep in touch via social media and forums. But we never really had the chance to properly say ‘thank you’ to Toby Whithouse. We were lucky that so many of the BHers were so talented and gifted, everybody contributed to make things happen – no matter how small. We had so much fun. I hope other fandoms do too.

How can SciFiNow readers help?

MancVamp: Donate! Here is the link: Both the prizes in the raffle are quite unique. You can win an exclusive signed and personalized Series Four Episode Seven ‘Making History’ script from Toby Whithouse (Being Human; Doctor Who; The Game) or you can win a ‘Show No Mercy’ Quilt made by Being Human blogger WhimsyFox which Damien Molony, who starred as Hal, has personalised with a message on the back of the quilt. And please spread the word!

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