Being Human enjoys strong ratings

The Beeb’s supernatural series returns to high viewing figures.

beinghuman2Arriving on a wave of pre-season hype, the second coming of Being Human has spawned some encouraging viewing figures. As reported by Digital Spy, series two of the supernatural programme returned on BBC Three last night to the tune of 1.41 million viewers. Although enjoying only 5.4 per cent of the overall viewing within the 9.30pm to 10.30pm broadcast slot, this is a huge step forward for the show. These results are a marked improvement on Being Human’s previous six-episode run, which on average enjoyed ratings around 723,000.

Created by Toby Whithouse, Being Human is based around the exploits of three housemates – who just so happen to be a werewolf, vampire and ghost. The show has seen a steady increase in popularity since its launch, so much so that the BBC has decided to commission it for a third series.

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