Battlestar’s Katee Sackhoff wants to play Ms Marvel

Katee Sackhoff should play Captain Marvel, not Ms Marvel in Marvel Phase 3

Captain Marvel with the Avengers on the cover of Marvel's Captain Marvel issue 13
Captain Marvel with the Avengers on the cover of Marvel’s Captain Marvel issue 13

Asked by a fan on Twitter if she would be up for playing Ms Marvel in a Marvel Phase 3 or more take on the character, Battlestar Galactica‘s resident badass Katee Sackhoff simply replied “Hell yes!”

As Joss Whedon said in the aftermath of Avengers Assemble, the world is in dire need of more strong female characters in superhero movies, and with that in mind it’d be a pretty poor start to make a franchise out of the swimwear-clad Ms Marvel, when she was recently relaunched as the far superior and far more interesting Captain Marvel by writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist Dexter Soy.

As a take-no-shit former military pilot, the more functional outfit and the lack of patronising diminutive in her name – I mean, she might as well be called Little Miss Marvel – is far more befitting not only Whedon’s reputation, but Sackhoff’s track record of pioneering strong, yet emotionally nuanced, heroines in genre.

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