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Battle Of The Beasts: A history of Aliens Vs Predator – part two

Sink your mandibles into this second part of our exciting feature on these warring aliens.

Aliens_vs._Predator-Xbox_360Screenshots16878AVP_E3 Marine 11Now Rebellion is back with an exciting new FPS that allows you to play as each of the three key races: Alien, Human and Predator. Sega and Rebellion are promising distinct playing styles. Playing as Colonial Marines will feel mostly like a typical shooter, thanks to standard weapons like the smart gun and radar, and will also heavily progress the plot.

Playing as an Alien, though, is set to be a totally different experience due to you having to rely on the xenomorph’s natural weapons. With both the Predators and Marines having plenty of high-tech weaponry, the game becomes more stealthy, as you do your best to sneak up on foes in order to unleash your claw, tail and bite attacks. The Aliens also have the ability to scale any surface in the game, allowing you to crawl up walls and ceilings.

That leaves us with the Predator. With its advanced weaponry and violent attacks, the Predator has some amazing strengths, including the ability to focus jump from tree to tree and vision modes that highlight each race, although other races will be virtually invisible. As with the Alien mode, playing as a Predator will require stealth, but think more sniper-styled gameplay thanks to the ability to make long-distance attacks with the shoulder-mounted plasma cannon.

With its stunning visuals and use of sound, Aliens Vs Predator is shaping up to be the greatest game in the series yet. Add in an exciting sounding multiplayer mode that will pitch all three races against each other and it would appear that Rebellion’s game will be unmissable to anyone who’s a fan of the franchise.

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Aliens Vs Predator is availiable to buy now, on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows-based PCs, courtesy of Sega and Rebellion. Keep your eyes peeled on this website for more on this exciting gaming title.