Batman Vs Superman: Olga Kurylenko is Wonder Woman?

Quantum Of Solace’s Olga Kurylenko is rumoured to have screentested for Man Of Steel 2

Olga Kurylenko with Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace
Olga Kurylenko with Daniel Craig in Quantum Of Solace

The latest star to step into the spotlight for the female lead in Zack Snyder’s follow up to Man Of Steel, Batman Vs Superman, is Quantum Of Solace and Oblivion star Olga Kurylenko.

According to Schmoes Know, the Ukraine-born actor, whose next genre roles will be in Empires Of The The Deep and Vampire Academy, has screen-tested for Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros have yet to confirm the Amazon’s involvement – and it’s kind of galling that the only way a big-league female superhero can be introduced seems to be as a supporting character in a film about two men wrestling – but the rumour mill has gone into overdrive, and the backlash would be out of control if Diana Prince didn’t pop up.

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