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Batman V Superman who are the 4 new villains?

Which characters will be siding with Lex Luthor in Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman

Batman V Superman Metallo
Metallo in DC Comics’ New 52

According to the rarely correct Latino-Review, Jesse Eisenberg’s hyperactive evil tycoon Lex Luthor is joined by 4 other antagonists in Zack Snyder’s Superman V Batman: Dawn Of Justice.

One of them, alas, isn’t rumoured Kryptonite cyborg Metallo.

The usual caveat applies: this is a rumour, although these characters are all fairly low-key and therefore seem perfectly plausible.

Batman V Superman Victor Zsasz

Is Victor Zsasz in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

Described by Latino-Review as “A serial killer Batman fights early on in Gotham City” Zsasz is relatively restrained for a Batman foe, being a straight-up psychopath rather than a gimmick. Sure, he tallies his victims on his body, but he’s not called Tally Man is he?

Batman V Superman Morgan Edge

Is Morgan Edge in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

A possible role for Scoot McNairy, who has understated intensity down pat (although the New 52 incarnation of the character is African-American), Morgan Edge is being rewritten as Lex Luthor’s “slimeball… public relations exec for Lexcorp. Basically, he’s Lex Luthor’s mouth piece. We meet Edge early on when he goes toe to toe with Lois Lane in a television talk show.”

In the comics, Edge is the ruthless owner of a media conglomerate and member of the alien-backed organised crime cartel Intergang.

Batman V Superman David Cain

Is David Cain in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

Described as “One of the world’s deadliest assassins, 50s, who meets with Luthor’s bodyguard Mercy Graves to set up an assassination.”

Given Cain’s specific links to the Batman universe and Ra’s al Ghul’s League Of Assassins, perhaps he’s being set up to take down Bruce Wayne – sending Batman after Luthor, and placing Superman in the awkward position of having to defend his nemesis.

Just a theory – feel free to disregard.

It’s worth adding that Cain’s daughter, the near mute Cassandra Cain, was also Batgirl for a long period, and there’s a serious deficit of Asian-American superheroes.

Batman V Superman Amanda Waller

Is Amanda Waller in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice?

“A very stern and focused senator with an intimidating presence. She doesn’t trust Superman. At all. Sees him as a threat and comes up with a counter measure that I won’t spoil.”

In the comics, the most high profile of Waller’s anti-superhero countermeasures is of course the Suicide Squad of paroled supervillains, although these guys were recently introduced into Arrow

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