Batman reboot to follow Justice League movie?

New Batman movie to be part of the “DC Cinematic Universe”, reckons an insider.

Batman and the Justice League in the DC Animated Universe

Brilliant Dark Knight mega-site have an insider insight that suggests the all new movie Batman will be introduced in the Justice League movie and then spin off into his own franchise, and not the other way round, a la Marvel’s lead-in to Avengers Assemble.

This new Batman would be firmly part of a whatever their mole calls a “DC Cinematic Universe,” which isn’t great news for those Bat-fans weary of the character’s super-Machiavellian depiction in DC Comics as a result of having to rub shoulders with the likes of Superman.

Justice League is tipped to hit cinemas in 2015, so could we be seeing a new Batman series kick off as early as 2016?