“Christopher Nolan missed the point of Batman,” says Alan Grant

Classic Batman writer Alan Grant lashes out at Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan’s takes on the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight Rises Batman

The Dark Knight Rises Batman
Christian Bale as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, in cinemas from 20 July 2012.

The Joel Schumacher Batman films have few supporters, and even Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman has its critics, but what until now was a given is that the Christopher Nolan trilogy is largely beyond reproach.

Speaking at Glasgow Comic Con, Batman comic-book writer Alan Grant – responsible for fan-favourite storylines Knightfall, Anarky and Contagion – said that not only did he hate the first four Batman movies, but he wasn’t impressed by Christopher Nolan’s take on the character either

“I saw the first three or four Batman movies, the Tim Burton one, the one with Mr Freeze in it, the one with Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones, and I thought that they were all terrible,” confirmed Grant. “So I let somebody talk me into going to see, I think it was Christian Bale who played the part of Batman – Batman Begins? And although everybody around me thought it was brilliant, it was the Batman movie they’d been waiting for, I was immensely disappointed in it.

“Because my vision of Batman is that he’s a self-made character,” Grant continued, “and suddenly it’s being revealed in this movie that there’s a whole network of Ra’s al Ghul and various other villains who actually train him and set him all these tasks because they want him to turn villain as well. So he wasn’t really a self-made character, and that really disappointed me. So I didn’t go to see the next Batman movie. But I’m told that The Dark Knight was really good, really great. I still haven’t seen it, I’ll get it from my local post office on DVD. But yeah, I’ll go and see the next one. I give everything a chance.”

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