Barb Wire is returning to Dark Horse Comics

Pamela Anderson didn’t kill Barb Wire after all, comic to return at Dark Horse


Best known for spawning Pamela Anderson’s dreary 1996 film adaptation, Dark Horse Comics have teased the return of bad-ass bounty hunter Barb Wire as part of their Project Black Sky event that’s focused mainly on their superhero characters Captain Midnight, Brain Boy, Ghost and X.

Created by BRPD and The Mask writer John Arcudi, Barb Wire was originally published from 1994 to 1995, with the Ace Of Spades miniseries coming in 1998 with art from Hellblazer‘s Tim Bradstreet.

You can pick up the Barb Wire Omnibus Volume 1 for £17.81 from  Find out more about comics with new digital magazine Uncanny Comics.