Bane looks “like a WWF wrestler” says Knightfall writer Alan Grant

Batman: Knightfall writer Alan Grant slams The Dark Knight Rises villain Bane.

Bane Knightfall The Dark Knight Rises

Bane Knightfall The Dark Knight Rises
Bane stalks the the Dark Knight in Batman: Knightfall vol 1, out now from Titan Books priced £22.99

Excited for The Dark Knight Rises? Well Christopher Nolan has a lot of work to do to make Tom Hardy’s Bane more impressive than his comic-book counterpart, in the mind of legendary Batman and Judge Dredd writer Alan Grant, at least.

“I wasn’t actually a fan of the whole… I mean although I wrote quite a lot of it – I wasn’t a fan of the Knightfall saga,” admitted Grant at Glasgow Comic Con. “I never liked Bane as a villain.”

Grant helped introduce the villain as one of the five writers on the arc that blew apart the status quo of the Batman line for over a year across 1993 to 1994 (before putting the status quo back). A clear inspiration on The Dark Knight Rises, from the prison break shown in the trailers to the implied breaking of the Bat, Grant’s admission doesn’t bode well for the movie.

“Bane as he was originally created was meant to be this super intelligent villain, but when you saw him in the comic he looked like a WWF wrestler, he didn’t look like he had a brain in his head, he was just a pumped up guy on steroids. I was pretty unhappy with that.”

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