Arrow’s Willa Holland could become his sidekick

Is Oliver Queen’s little sister set to become Speedy in The CW’s Arrow?

Thea Queen Speedy Arrow

Thea Queen Speedy Arrow
Mia Dearden with Green Arrow and Black Canary

In the pilot episode of Arrow, The CW’s spiritual successor to Smallville, there’s a nice fan-pleasing aside where the returned Oliver Queen affectionately refers to his little sister Thea (Willa Holland) as “Speedy”, a reference to Green Arrow’s Robin-like Sixties sidekick, a role first filled by Roy Harper, who later became the Titan and Outsider Arsenal, and then Mia Dearden – who had a live action debut in Smallville Season 9’s ‘Crossfire’ and ‘Disciple’.

It’s unlikely that anyone in this self-aware age would seriously call themselves Speedy, but it’s certainly raised a few questions about where Thea Queen’s character arc is heading, especially as her *highlight for mild spoiler* substance abuse echoes Roy Harper’s own battle to control his addiction in the comics.

“There’s a little hint there,” Holland admitted in an CW video interview. “I’ve been talking to the show’s writers and they’ve been saying that they have a lot of things in store for me, to say the least.

“That’s all I know, but [the hint] is definitely there.”

Arrow is coming to Sky One in October.