Arrow Season 2: Flash debut moved to pilot episode

The Flash’s planned appearance in Arrow Season 2 has been replaced by a standalone pilot

Barry Allen races Superman on Carmine Infantino's iconic cover to Superman #199 (August 1967)
Barry Allen races Superman on Carmine Infantino’s iconic cover to Superman #199 (Aug 1967)

Though Flash alter ego Barry Allen is set for an upcoming episode of Arrow Season 2, played by Glee‘s Grant Gustin, the scarlet speedster himself, the Flash will no longer be making his planned debut in a backdoor pilot.

The CW are breaking with the formula they set up with The Vampire Diaries, which introduced the Originals, a clan of ancient vampires, within the series to float the idea of them having their own spin-off.

According to Deadline, the strength of Allen’s debut in Episodes 8 and 9 have convinced The CW that a “standalone” pilot would be better to tell the Flash’s story, rather than introducing his a secondary character right off the bat.

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