Arrow Season 1: Count Vertigo to appear

Is DC supervillain Count Vertigo is Arrow Season 1’s big bad? Find out in 2013!

Count Vertigo Arrow

Count Vertigo Arrow
Count Vertigo in the 2010 DC Showcase: Green Arrow animated short

Perhaps the most outlandish DC Universe villain to be named yet, and similarly an interesting experiment to see how the more cartoonish rogues from the comic-books translate into the world of Arrow, classic foe Count Vertigo is making his live-action debut in early 2013 according to TVLine – and he may well be Season 1’s big bad.

Originally introduced in World’s Finest Comics #251 (July, 1978) where he took on Black Canary, Count Werner Vertigo was a the descant of an exiled royal family from the Soviet sphere whose attempt to cure a hereditary inner ear defect gave him the power to seriously disorientate and unbalance his opponents.

In Arrow, it’s his use of the Vertigo drug that will allow him to unbalance any who stand in his way, so odds are he won’t be keeping the noble title, lime-green costume and powers of flight.

“He will be truly scary and nightmarish,” said an unnamed mystery source, who declares him “Oliver’s deadliest adversary to date.”

Who next? Cheshire? Wildcat? Congo Bill the Congorilla?

Arrow is airing now on Sky 1 HD.