Arrow Season 1 casts Batman villain Firefly

Stargate Universe’s Andrew Dunbar will play Firefly in Arrow, airing now on Sky 1 HD

Arrow Season 1 Firefly

Arrow Season 1 Firefly
Firefly in the 2004-2005 Batman story arc War Games

Having already inducted Deadshot, Deathstroke, China White, Huntress and the Royal Flush Gang into the cast – and with the promise of Speedy and Black Canary hovering overhead – Entertainment Weekly have revealed that Stargate Universe‘s Andrew Dunbar will be appearing as Firefly in episode 10 of Arrow Season 1, titled ‘Burned’.

First introduced in Batman‘s Detective Comics #184 in 1952, Firefly is the alias of Garfield Lynns, a movie pyrotechnics expert who turns to crime under the tutelage of another B-list Batman foe, Killer Moth, who eventually becomes spooked by Lynns’ growing pyromania.

In the comics he’s an expert in fire and explosives, using an insulated battlesuit with wings that allow him to fly on upward drafts of hot air. Obviously, we can expect his Arrow appearance to be greatly toned down.

Arrow is now airing on Sky 1 HD.