Arnold Schwarzenegger cast in zombie movie Maggie

Schwarzenegger to shoot zombie film before starting Terminator 5

ArnoldArnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to star in and produce zombie film Maggie.

Variety reports that Schwarzenegger will play a father of a girl who has been infected by the zombie virus sweeping across the country. Unlike other zombie films, the infected don’t turn immediately, and he will “help his daughter come to terms with her infection.”

Chloe Moretz was originally set to star as Maggie, but scheduling conflicts forced her to drop out. We can expect a casting announcement for the daughter soon as production is set to start this autumn before Terminator 5 gears up early next year. With several upcoming action movies on his slate, this is the closest Schwarzenegger has come to horror since 1999’s End Of Days.

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