Aquaman director is a very strange choice… at first

Aquaman rumours turned out to be correct as the director is confirmed for the Justice Leaguer

James Wan
James Wan will direct DC’s Aquaman movie

Having been heavily rumoured previously, the identity of the man who will be directing DC’s Aquaman movie, starring Game Of Thrones‘ Jason Momoa, has been confirmed: James Wan.

The director of Saw, Insidious, The Conjuring and Fast & Furious 7, among others, has reportedly been in discussions for some time. It seems like that production won’t start until at least 2016, as Wan as currently working on The Conjuring 2: The Endfield Experiment, but it’s nice to see some progress on this front.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros president Greg Silverman said, “The Aquaman film will be a major tentpole picture for us, and James’s span of work has proven him able to take on any manner of project, bringing his incredible creative talent and unique voice to the material.”

The film will follow the character’s first on-screen appearance in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, and will be the first of DC’s solo movies on the path to the two Justice League films.

Aquaman will be released in cinemas in 2018. For more about the biggest comic-book movies, pick up the SciFiNow Superhero Movie Collection now.