Anthony Head on Merlin Series 5 finale

Merlin’s King of Camelot says farewell to the show

Merlin final series

Melrin Uther Pendragon
Anthony Head as Uther Pendragon in Merlin

We loved watching Anthony Head’s cruel and magic-hating King of Camelot as much as he enjoyed playing him. Here’s how he reacted to the news that this series of Merlin will be its last…

“Hats off to Julian and Johnny, the producers, for sticking to their guns with the five season story arc of Merlin. It would have been too easy to give in to demand and stretch the show on beyond their original plan because of its incredible success.  Instead, Merlin finishes at the height of its success and will, therefore, live on in people’s memory.

“That’s certainly what happened with Buffy – and it really doesn’t happen that often. As for myself, I really miss working with such a talented and warm-hearted bunch of people – cast, crew, production.  Everyone in London, Wales and France made the Merlin experience a very, very special one.  Thank you all.”

Do not miss the last ever episodes and the dramatic conclusion of Merlin on BBC One, Saturdays at 8pm.