Ant-Man rumours suggest two new directors

Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn to direct Ant-Man? How about Louis D’Esposito?

Ant-Man hanging out in Hulk's nose on the cover of Ant-Man issue 10
Ant-Man hanging out in Hulk’s nose on the cover of Ant-Man issue 10

Following Edgar Wright’s faintly acrimonious departure from Marvel’s Ant-Man, the rumour-mill – spinning in the strong breeze from – has pointed to fan-favourite Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn stepping in to rescue the movie.

Gunn fired back on Twitter “Waking up to a bee swarm of complete bullshit rumours on all sides. Happy Thursday!”

The story seems to have disappeared from CBM too, but that hasn’t stopped internet pundits with absolutely no insider knowledge suggesting that it must be true on the basis of “Well, he would deny it, wouldn’t he?”

Because nobody ever denied something because it wasn’t true.

On that note, Latino-Review – who are occasionally correct and yet somehow enjoy an unshaken reputation for fact – have suggested that Marvel One-Shot: Agent Carter director (and Marvel exec) Louis D’Esposito is lined up.

Have a rumour of your own? Leave it in the comments, it’ll be about as valid as everything else…

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