Ant-Man Patrick Wilson cast as mystery character

Who is Insidious and Watchmen star Patrick Wilson playing in Edgar Wright’s Ant-Man?

Patrick Wilson in 2010's Insidious
Patrick Wilson in 2010’s Insidious

The Conjuring, Insidious and Watchmen star Patrick Wilson has been cast in Edgar Wright’s Marvel Phase 3 movie Ant-Man, writes Deadline.

With most of the core cast now confirmed, we wonders if Wilson could be playing the bad guy, whoever he might be. The actor certainly packed a creepy intensity into Insidious: Chapter 2.

The problem with trying to guess Ant-Man villains is that the character doesn’t really have a native rogues’ gallery in the same way as characters like Iron Man, Batman, Superman or Captain America.

Aside from Ultron, with whom he shares an intimate connection, his comic-book adventures have been largely filled with second-rate Avengers foes.

Got any suggestions for who Patrick Wilson could be playing?

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