Aniara UK release date announced for Swedish sci-fi, exclusive poster

Get a first look at the poster for acclaimed Swedish SF film Aniara

Acclaimed Swedish sci-fi film Aniara is just over a week away from its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival on 20 June, and now Arrow Films have set a release date for Pella Kågerman and Hugo Lilja’s movie: 30 August.

“Based on a concept by Nobel prize-winner Harry Martinson, ANIARA is the story of one of the many spaceships used for transporting Earth’s fleeing population to their new home-planet Mars. But just as the ship leaves the destroyed Earth, she collides with space junk and is thrown off her course. The passengers slowly realize that they’ll never be able to return.”

Emelie Jonsson (The Unliving, Stormaktstiden) stars as ‘MR’ who runs a room where a sentient computer allows humans to experience near-spiritual memories of Earth. As the ship drifts further into the endless void and more passengers are in need of her services, pressure builds on MR as the only one who can keep the growing insanity and lethal depression at bay.

Martinson first conceived of the idea back in 1956 against the backdrop of the Cold War and H-bomb testing and while it’s been interpreted in stage (and opera!) productions, this is the very first time that it has been put on film.

ANIARA will be released from 30th August in cinema and digital platforms including iTunes, Sky Store and Amazon.