American Mary directors Soska twins to make See No Evil 2

Jen and Sylvia Soska will follow American Mary with slasher sequel See No Evil 2

The Soska twins in Dead Hooker in a Trunk
The Soska twins in Dead Hooker In A Trunk

Jen and Sylvia Soska, aka the Twisted Twins, will follow their acclaimed surgical horror American Mary with See No Evil 2, a sequel to the Kane-starring slasher movie.

Bloody Disgusting reports that the Soskas will direct the film, in which “Kane will return as the reclusive madman Jacob Goodnight, who rises from the dead in the city morgue after his killing spree at the Blackwell hotel and goes after a group of medical students who fight to survive.”

The Soskas are also directing a segment for The ABCs Of Death 2, and have discussed directing a monster movie called Bob. While there wasn’t a lot of critical interest in See No Evil, it seems fair to say that there’ll be a lot more attention paid to the sequel following the love for American Mary.

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