American Horror Story Season 6: has the setting been revealed?

Have we just found out the setting for American Horror Story Season 6?

All the teasers, promos and posters that have been released for American Horror Story Season 6 have been somewhat confusing. With only a month left to go before the US premiere, we still have no idea what the subtitle (and thus, the setting) of the season will be, which is not in keeping with previous AHS tradition.

Each new trailer seems to contradict the last. Many fans even believe that a lot of them are fake with the intent of keeping the season’s theme a secret until it starts airing. But we have a theory…

Nothing has been confirmed, but it looks as though  American Horror Story Season 6 could take place in a film studio. Just think about it: each teaser seems completely different, showcasing everything from body horror and creepy crawlies to aliens.

What kind of place do we know also showcases all these things? That’s right: a movie set. The latest poster (posted on the official American Horror Story Twitter account) practically screams old Hollywood:

Plus there’s this new teaser, ‘Blind Date’, that goes with it, which is very reminiscent of Creature From The Black Lagoon:

What else could it be? The range of subject matter in the teasers might well end up being a ploy to confuse fans to keep Season 6’s theme a secret, but it’s unlikely. What would be the point in that?

American Horror Story Season 6 premieres on 14 September on FX in the US. It doesn’t yet have a UK airdate. Get all the latest horror news with every issue of SciFiNow.