American Gods Season 2 won’t star Gillian Anderson as Media

Gillian Anderson won’t return to American Gods following Bryan Fuller and Michael Green’s departure

We’re still waiting to hear who’ll be stepping into the sizeable showrunner shoes on American Gods Season Two following the departure of Bryan Fuller and Michael Green over budgetary disagreements, but one star has stated that she won’t be coming back.

In an interview with the LA Times, Gillian Anderson said that, in addition to leaving her role as Scully on The X-Files behind after this season, she will not return for American Gods’ second season as the new goddess Media. While there is not a direct quote, this line from the report makes it pretty clear: “Anderson says the departure of showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green means she will not return to the show.”

Anderson had previously worked with Fuller on Hannibal as Dr Lecter’s therapist/accomplice Dr Bedelia Du Maurier, a role that became increasingly prominent as the series went on, and her role as the shape-shifting Media was undoubtedly one of the highlights of American Gods‘ excellent first season. Not only was it tremendous fun watching her deliver takes on everyone from Lucy and Marilyn to Bowie and Judy, she also nailed the character’s ability to switch between seductive and threatening, between innocent and manipulative, as the situation and viewer demanded.

Her position is more concrete than co-star’s Kristin Chenoweth, as the Pushing Daisies star told Variety that she didn’t know whether she’d be asked to return as the goddess Easter back in December, telling the site she was “devastated” by Fuller and Green’s departure. “When Bryan was the showrunner, I was coming back for several episodes, but I don’t know now,” she said. “It depends on who it is and if they think I add value or not.”

American Gods Season Two is still in production at Starz, and we will presumably hear about a new showrunner soon.

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