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American Gods Season 2 gets a new showrunner

The second season of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has finally found someone to step into Fuller and Green’s shoes

American Gods has been on the hunt for a new showrunner since it was announced that Bryan Fuller and Michael Green were leaving the Starz series back in November, and now the hunt is over.

THR reports that Jesse Alexander is stepping into the role, who seems like a solid choice given that he’s worked with Fuller on Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery. His CV also includes shows like Heroes, Alias and Lost.

Gaiman told the site that “I’m thrilled that Jesse is [the] showrunner. He loves and understands the book, he loves and understands the TV series and he’s dedicated to making future seasons of American Gods as good and as beautiful and as unique as they can be. Shadow’s journey is going to take him, and Mr. Wednesday, and the New Gods and the Old, to some very strange places. I’m glad that we, and the cast and crew, will have Jesse shepherding us on the way.”

The report also claims that Fuller and Green’s departure was more acrimonious than previously reported. Disputes over the budget were the most commonly cited reason for the split, but THR says that there was also tension between the two writers and Gaiman over the fact that they wanted to take the series further away from the book.

However, it’s worth noting that Gaiman promptly dismissed that, Tweeting that it was “fictional. Most of that article was fictional.” When asked which part of THR’s article was not fictional, he responded “The bit that says Jesse is now show runner.”

It’s claimed that the show will ignore the scripts that had previously been written for the second season and start from scratch, which would make the planned January 2019 return date look a little dicey.

We certainly have our concerns about the second season given our love for Fuller and Green, and just how brilliant the first season was, but there’s still so much left to explore in the world of American Gods and an exceptional cast and crew still involved. So, let’s wait and see how Shadow’s journey unfolds…

Meanwhile, Fuller is working on the TV adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles and Green recently received an Oscar nomination for the Logan screenplay, so they’re keeping busy.

American Gods Season 2 will air in 2019. Keep up with the latest genre news with the new issue of SciFiNow.