AMC’s Preacher TV series confirmed

Walking Dead-style Preacher TV show confirmed by AMC, Seth Rogen to executive produce?

Jesse Custer on the cover of Preacher #1 by artist Glenn Fabry
Jesse Custer on the cover of Preacher #1 by artist Glenn Fabry

Rumours that The Walking Dead‘s AMC network are working on a series-length adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon’s blasphemous DC Vertigo series Preacher surfaced at the end of the last week, but now an amazing story at 13th Dimension seems to have them confirmed.

On the site, comic store owner Menachem Luchins recounts a conversation with AMC’s chief operating officer:

I accede that he’s correct and decide to just go for it, “So I guess you heard the rumors about AMC buying Preacher, huh?”

“Yeah, he says… I work there.”

So I get a bit flustered, especially after some more talk makes it clear that AMC has indeed purchased the rights, and start babbling about what a great book Preacher is, the sort of challenges they’re going to have, just geeking out basically.

“If you do it right, though, it could be VERY successful.”

“I hope so, we paid enough for it,” he deadpans.

Read the whole thing over at 13th Dimension. These come after a series of tweets from funnyman and comic-book evangelist Seth Rogen which seem to suggest he’s got a stake in the production – perhaps as writer, director or showrunner.

“Looks like about seven of years of hard work are about to pay off,” Rogen tweeted. “I may get to bring one of my favourite stories ever to life.

“Arseface. John Wayne, The Saint of Killers…”

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