Amazing Spider-Man 3 junked in favour of a reboot?

The latest Amazing Spider-Man 3 and Venom rumours are the most shocking so far

Director Marc Webb (left) and Andrew Garfield on the set of The Amazing Spider Man 2
Director Marc Webb (left) and Andrew Garfield on the set of The Amazing Spider Man 2

Following on from yesterday’s claim that Sony Pictures had opened negotiations with Marvel Studios on the future of The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, the latest rumour – this time courtesy of Badass Digest (source unattributed, so -10 credibility points) – is that the whole series is being rebooted.

The site reports that, “Sony is going to soft reboot Spider-Man with Sinister Six, having a new actor playing a Spidey who works with the villains The Dirty Dozen style to take down a larger threat.

“Sony is going to put Spider-Man on the shelf for four or five years and see if they can develop any of the side characters into their own franchises.”

“I’ve also heard that Venom is functionally dead again.”

They also include the sweeping disclaimer “I’m not sure if any of them are true or if all of them are true” which is a further -5 credibility points for bet hedging.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn’t exactly make the big bucks that Sony Pictures were hoping for after a disastrous run of summer blockbusters (hello After Earth!), but this sounds a little too drastic to be true.

It may not be a Guardians Of The Galaxy style juggernaut, but in total The Amazing Spider-Man 2 took home over $700 million from a budget of $200 million.

More than that, Andrew Garfield is the best Peter Parker to date and I DON’T WANT HIM TO GO.

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