Alex Ross and Kurt Busiek reunite to bring Jack Kirby characters to life

Many unseen Jack Kirby concepts will make their debut in Kirby: Genesis

Renown artist Alex Ross and writer Kurt Busiek, who have previously worked together on Marvels, and Busiek’s own Astro City series, are applying their talent for comic-book mythology to Kirby: Genesis, an eight part series using characters own and created by the late, great Jack Kirby. Some are veterans of Eighties titles which Busiek himself worked on (Jack Kirby’s TeenAgents, Jack Kirby’s Silver Star and Victory), while others have never been seen in print before – existing purely in Kirby’s sketchbooks.

An issue 0 prelude is available in May, with the series itself starting in June on Dynamite Entertainment – all of which can be ordered here.