Alex Garland’s Annihilation movie lines up a perfect lead

Alex Garland makes an excellent choice for the lead role for his film of Jeff VanderMeer’s Annihlation

annihilationAlex Garland is currently in pre-production on his film adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer’s excellent sci-fi novel Annihilation, the first in the author’s Southern Reach trilogy, and the Ex Machina director has lined up an excellent choice for the lead role.

Variety reports that Natalie Portman is “circling” the main character, known only as The Biologist. The character is part of the latest team of scientists to enter and investigate a mysterious zone called Area X. Very few teams have survived. As they move through the landscape, psyches begin to crumble and hidden motives become clear.

VanderMeer’s novel is fantastic and Garland is an excellent choice to adapt it, and we’re definitely on board with the casting of Portman as the enigmatic, determined Biologist. This is a film to keep an eye on.

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