Alcatraz Season 2 cancellation “very sad – we’d only just begun.”

Star Sam Neill shares his thoughts on the cancellation of JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz by Fox. Do you think the network made the right call?

Alcatraz cancelled

Alcatraz cancelled
Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser in JJ Abrams' Alcatraz

“Yes Alcatraz is cancelled,” said veteran genre actor Sam Neill, who plays federal agent Emerson Hauser in JJ Abrams’ Alcatraz. “Very sad today.”

“Much thanks to all Alcatraz fans,” he continued. “We were just beginning, but we will meet again I’m sure. Your support meant a lot – we’re very grateful.”

Fox announced their controversial cancellation of Alcatraz and the renewal of Touch, starring Keifer Sutherland and run by Heroes creator Tim Kring, yesterday.

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