Akira anime series in the works from Katsuhiro Otomo

Katsuhiro announces Akira anime series and his new feature film

There’s officially an anime sequel series to Akira in the works. The news was announced by creator and director Katsuhiro Otomo at the Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

Not much is currently known about the show, but it is being produced by Bandai Namco’s Sunrise.

The new series isn’t the only Akira project in the works: Warner Bros is currently working on a live-action adaptation of the popular manga series, with Taika Waititi (What We Do In The ShadowsThor: Ragnarok) attached to direct. The film is expected to hit cinemas in May 2021.

Otomo also revealed that he is set to both direct and write his third anime feature, titled Orbital Era. You can read Sunrise’s official synopsis for the film here:

The new movie Orbital Era will be his 3rd animated feature film after Akira (1988) and Steamboy (2004). Otomo himself will write the original concept and screenplay, as well as design and direct the film. The plot takes place in the near-future on a space colony under construction. It is an action-adventure story following the lives of some young boys surviving in this peculiar environment and society as they are tossed around by fate. ‘The reality found in mankind’s future’ will be depicted through their perspective.

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