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Air first look Norman Reedus faces another apocalypse

Norman Reedus and Djimon Hounsou keep society breathing for Walking Dead producer

AirThe first look at Robert Kirkman-produced post-apocalypse thriller Air has arrived.

EW debuted the pic and talked to star Norman Reedus, who stars alongside Djimon Hounsou (Guardians Of The Galaxy, Constantine) as two men “who are tasked with maintaining one of the underground bunkers set up to preserve the human race after the air outside has been rendered toxic. The bunkers are filled with sleeping tanks housing individuals seen as providing the best chance for rebuilding civilization.”

Reedus and Hounsou’s characters are woken up for two hours every six months, and it’s not long before their relationship becomes frayed.

“One of them thinks of their job as the scientist and the other thinks more of their job as a janitor,” explains Reedus. “And the position is kind of in between both of those. But one of them discovers that the other has a secret, he’s holding onto the secret and that secret is that he’s trying to keep a certain person alive.”

“And through the character I play, his past is such a dark one, and the guilt of what he’s done weighs so heavy on him that he sort of substitutes his real family for this other person in his mind, and he sort of looks at him as a brother in this way that’s a little too close for comfort. And what happens is he ends up forcing the action to take place against the other person’s will. So it becomes this thriller, this mindf— of a movie of convincing this other guy to do something he doesn’t want to do.”

“It’s very isolating, very claustrophobic,” he enthused. “As dire and as end of the world as the script reads right now, we’ve kept it all. It’s a very claustrophobic feel just shooting it.”

Reedus also spoke a little about working with Hounsou, telling EW that “It’s interesting, you know, because he’s such a big, good-looking guy and he’s very soft and gentle and there’s sort of a hope that’s naturally in his face. He radiates this sort of hope and I’m just sort of basically trying to wipe it off of his face.”

Air is directed by first-timer Christian Cantamessa, and it sounds like it could make for a very effective, confined thriller.

The Walking Dead returns October 2014 to FOX. You can buy The Walking Dead Season 1-3 on DVD for £22.99 at Amazon.co.uk.