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Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 spoilers: new Inhuman cast

Summer Bay star takes on mystery Inhuman role in Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD


The mid-season finale saw Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD take a significant step towards becoming an important cog in wider Marvel Cinematic Universe, with the revelation that Skye (Chloe Bennet) was actually Daisy Johnson – as well as an Inhuman (a race of humans genetically modified by the alien Kree race). With this recently announced bit of casting, it looks like Marvel’s flagship show will be diving even further into that area of the Marvel ‘verse, according to this report on Variety.

Luke Mitchell, who best known for playing the brilliantly named Romeo Smith in Aussie soap Home And Away and more recently John Young on The CW’s remake of The Tomorrow People, has been cast as an enigmatic Inhuman known as Lincoln, who according to the report on Variety, “has an important role in helping Skye understand the true extent of her transformation.”

With Skye’s father (Twin Peaks‘ Kyle McLachlan) being revealed as the MCU’s version of Calvin Zabo, aka Mister Hyde, and Jeremy Renner teasing a role in the show, it looks like Agents Of SHIELD is really stepping things up a notch. Long may it continue.

Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 continues on 3 March on ABC in the US and soon after on Channel 4 in the UK. You can buy Agents Of SHIELD Season 1 on DVD for £20 from Amazon.co.uk. Get all the latest Marvel news with every new issue of SciFiNow.