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Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 casts Melinda May’s ex-husband

Marvel’s Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 announces casting for Ming-Na Wen’s on-screen ex-husband

Whoa, careful there mate
Whoa, careful there mate

There’s sure to be plenty of drama on the way for Agents Of SHIELD as show has announced that the team’s resident badass Melinda May will soon get a visit from an old flame.

Blair Underwood will be joining the Agents Of SHIELD cast as May’s estranged ex-husband Dr Andrew Garner and will make his first appearance during Season 2 episodes set to air in March, reports The Hollywood Reporter. He is due to start filming his role this week.

agents of shield blair underwood
Mr Melinda May

Underwood is a two-time Golden Glode nominee and has previously appeared in Deep Impact, Gattaca and TV series Ironside.

Agents Of SHIELD Season 2 already has another blast-from-the-past ex-spouse storyline on the go – Lance Hunter (Nick Blood)’s “monster” ex-wife Bobbi Morse (Adrianne Palicki) came into the picture in episode 4, “A Hen In The Wolf House“. The two have been playing quip ping pong together ever since.

The appearance of any ex of May’s is unlikely to result in bantz and giggles. However, we do have our fingers crossed for a full-on May-style hand-to-hand combat scene, preferably with trash talking but we’d settle for steely silence.

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