Aaargh! Brains!

Five zombies properties we’d love to see shuffle onto the big screen.

Frank Darabont’s production of The Walking Dead is forging ahead at AMC, with the news that Sarah Wayne Callies is set to topline the series, along with a number of other casting announcements over the last few weeks. We’ve also recently had the news that an adaptation of World War Z, by Max Brooks, is still struggling manfully on, and Pride And Prejudice And Zombies is certainly still a goer given Natalie Portman’s attachment and the option bought for author Seth Grahame Smith’s latest, Abarham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. While we’re waiting for them to shamble onto our screens, however, here’s a few other zombie novels that could use a lick of silver screen paint.

dead-tossed-wavesThe Forest Of Hands And Teeth/The Dead-Tossed Waves
Carrie Ryan

Ryan’s auspicious debut has recently had its sequel published through Gollancz, and it’s every bit as cinematic as the first novel. These books were made to be adapted into film, and we’re only hoping that a studio brave enough to include some of the more gruesome imagery will be taking them on. As really, it’s inevitable that they will reach the big screen.

therisingThe Rising
Brian Keene

Keene’s novel isn’t what you’d call a traditional zombie yarn, given that the dead are reanimated by demons, retaining intelligence and cunning, which make them far more devastating than Romero’s creations ever were. Especially Bub. That being said, there’s no news of a film option being taken up on the property, but we remain hopeful nonetheless.

patient-zero-by-jonathan-maberry-book-coverPatient Zero
Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry’s Patient Zero was published last year to good reviews, being a high octane military-SF-tinged novel of splattery proportions. This might not be a character drama in the same way that others on the list would end up being, but still, it would be rather fun. Maberry recently continued the story of his main character, Joe Ledger, in The Dragon Factory.

hater viz 2:Layout 1Hater
David Moody

Famously optioned by Guillermo Del Toro (along with the inexorably long lead time that entails), David Moody made waves with his debut release, Hater, last year. Juan Antonio Bayona (The Orphanage) is set to direct, and the film still has a 2010 release date on IMDb, although this seems incredibly likely considering it’s listed as in-development when really, they should be getting close to striking the prints.

ZombiesZombies: A Record Of The Year Of Infection
Dr Robert Twombly (Don Roff)

Roff’s illustrated zombie novella is a fun little romp, earning a decent review in SciFiNow a few months ago. Taken on face value, the story itself wouldn’t be enough for a film’s worth of content, but with a little exposition it could quite easily be a barnstormer of a zombie film. Pre-production would also be relatively simple, given the breadth of concept art already created.