A look at True Blood’s marketing campaign

SciFiNow brings you a glimpse of the latest viral advertising for True Blood.

True Blood, the hyper-raunchy vampire series airing on HBO and based on Charlaine Harris’s South Vampire Mysteries novels, has been associated with viral campaigns since its launch.

Although relatively tame by some standards (Cloverfield, anyone?), it has been effective, drawing people in to its various front sites such as BloodCopy.com, and other fascias associated with elements of the show. Through Creative Review, we happened upon a new stage in their marketing push, one that struck us as far more innovative and eye-catching than the usual Tube billboards and cryptic e-mails. The pictures are below for your enjoyment, courtesy of the aforementioned website.






True Blood is currently airing its second season in the United States, and preparing to air its first in the UK. The series showrunner is Alan Ball, with Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard starring.