666 Park Avenue last episode gets rewrite

666 Park Avenue Season 2 won’t happen, as episode 13 rewritten to give fans “powerful series finale”

666 Park Avenue last episode

666 Park Avenue last episode
The cast of 666 Park Avenue

Following the cancellation of ABC’s supernatural drama 666 Park Avenue earlier in the week (before it had even premiered in the UK no less!), the 13th and final episode has been rewritten to give fans what exec producers David Wilcox and Matt Miller promises is a “powerful and surprising series finale”.

“All your questions will be answered,” said Wilcox and Miller to TVLine. “We hope fans of the show continue watching all the way to the end of Jane [Rachael Taylor] and Henry’s [Dave Annable] incredible journey to the dark side.”

Miller thanked fans for their support on Twitter, saying, “I just want to thank all of the amazing fans who watch and tweet about 666 Park Avenue. ABC is airing all of our episodes, so keep watching!”