6 things the new clip tells us about Dredd 3D

What the hyper-violent new Judge Dredd reboot clip tells us about Dredd 3D, in cinemas from 7 September 2012.

Dredd 3D new clip

Dredd 3D clip
Dredd attaches an explosive to the door, and stands well back. Safety first rookies!

1. They’re cops, not supercops
Watch Dredd and Hershey burst into that glorified crack den, and it’s more like a hyper-violent, near-apocalypse version of The Wire than the sort of fantasy gunfights we’ve come to expect from sci-fi action movies, thanks to the likes of 1995’s Mega-Shitty One Judge Dredd flick, RoboCop, Terminator et al. They may have silly helmets, but these Judges use real world police tactics, not bogus action movie superpowers and John Woo-brand gun-fu.

Dredd 3D Lawgiver
The first of the Lawgiver’s many alternate fire modes on display.

2. He’s got a Lawgiver!
It wasn’t clear from the first trailer whether our new-look Lawman of the Future had retained his multi-function comic-book sidearm or was just lumbered with some generic sci-fi handgun – then, up flashes the display ‘HIGH EX’, and we know we’re going to be seeing the Swiss Army Arsenal of pistols. It’s also nice he doesn’t bellow what he’s doing like Judge Stallone did – voice-activated rounds do tend to kill the element of surprise.

Dredd 3D Slo-Mo
Door explodes inwards, perps go flying, but slowwwwwwly.

3. Slo-Mo is a pretty good excuse for some slow-mo
All the crackheads take a honk from their inhalers and it all goes a little bit hyper-colourful, and super sloooooowmoooooo kicks in. As devices go, it’s pretty on-the-nose, but at least they bothered with an in-universe excuse for the stylised visuals – what were the Spartans huffing in 300 exactly, sandal fungus?

Dredd 3D gore
Root canal, Mega-City One style. HAHAHAHA. We like jokes.

4. It’s incredibly bloody bloody
There’s more gore packed into this one than Eli Roth‘s fingernails, and what’s more it looks like lovely 3D blood globules going all over the place, too – like those underwater severed limbs in Jaws 3D, only good! This is definitely one to take your mum to, perhaps as a double bill with Punisher: War Zone.

Dredd 3D Judge Anderson
Poor Judge Anderson, eh? Dredd to think how she’ll cope! HAHAHAHA. We like jokes.

5. Judge Juno is the wide-eyed rookie
You see her gun, but you don’t actually see the adorable Judge Juno take a shot – just look on, wide-eyed and uncomprehending as Judge Bones slaughters the entire room in the name of Kirk and all the boys back on the Enterprise.

6. This didn’t happen, more’s the pity