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5 reasons horror fans should attend the Fright At The Proms

Carrie, Prom Night and more at horror all-nighter Fright At The Proms, held 29-30 September 2012 at the Roxy Bar & Screen in London.

Midnight Movies Fright At The Proms

Midnight Movies Fright At The Proms

Presented by SciFiNow’s favourite curator of cult movie events, Midnight MoviesFright At The Proms features four slices of classic tuxedo terror from 10pm on Saturday, 29 September 2012 to 7.30am Sunday, 30 September.

Held at the intimate Roxy Bar & Screen near Borough and London Bridge Underground stations, Fright At The Proms is the ultimate horror experience and here’re five damn good reasons why you should make it part of your plans for the weekend:


There’s no shortage of horror films, with the all-American high school prom as the centre-piece, and goddammit, Midnight Movies have picked four of the best, from classic chillers like Carrie (1976) to more contemporary cult hits like The Loved Ones (2009) via Prom Night (1980) and Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987).


Midnight Movies have teamed up with those movie-lovers and cask-tappers Jamesons to provide a free drink for every guy and gal. Not only is there spiked punch, but a classy somethingorother on the rocks.


Survive the night – easier said than done, what with all the telekinetic nut-bags and knife-wielding psychopaths that typically hit proms – and Midnight Movies will lift your tired eyes and weary faces with a breakfast bap and a good strong coffee. Thoughtful bunch, eh?


What’s a prom without music? Well, rejoice for retro-lounge favourites Alexander’s Festival Hall, who will be spinning an unnerving blend of delectable disco horror and soothing synthetic sounds.


Last, but not least, we’ve gathered together a monstrous box of horror swag to give away to the best dressed couple, so check that velvet tux into the dry cleaners and start picking out corsages!

Sound awesome? Well, tickets are £15, so order yours now!

Check out the details here and start working up the courage to ask out that hot cheerleader/dreamy quarterback/mysterious new kid.