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Teen Wolf Season 3 “slaps on the blood”

Crystal Reed and Daniel Sharman talk Teen Wolf Season 3, Star Wars, and Russel Mulcahy

Teen Wolf

Growing deftly as a show, MTV’s irreverent Teen Wolf promises a more mature and a more bloody third seasons. Stars Crystal Reed (werewolf slayer Allison Argent) and Daniel Sharman (troubled werewolf Isaac Lahey) talk exclusively to SciFiNow about action scenes, Razorback and Highlander director Russell Mulcahy, and Reed’s role in Star Wars: Episode VII?

The new series is more action focused, how was it, with all the hanging about in freezing water and other things like that?

Daniel: Oh God, iced water for hours.
Crystal: Well the ice was silicone, I got in as well!
Daniel: You got off lightly though! I did much more of it!
Crystal: I was soaked, drenching in the woods!
Daniel: I was outside in a factory soaked too!

I’m in the wrong job, I’d love to do all this!

Daniel: It is great, but at 4 in the morning you’re like uuurgh.

4 in the morning though, you’re in a cranky mood, and I’d imagine werewolves are pretty cranky generally, doesn’t being up at that time help with the crankiness?

Daniel: Yeah, it’s very easy to act at that point. You’re either freezing, or at a heightened state of emotion. It’s a bit method acting in a way. Like, I asked them to put real ice in the water. You can’t fake how that feels really. Some of that stuff you can’t fake. When you’re filming, you can do the work, and the work can include staying up all night, being cold for a time. There are stretches of imagination that has to happen. Every now and again it fees true. It needs to be believable, it can’t all be flights of fancy.

How was it working with Russell Mulcahy? I heard he likes his blood?

Crystal: Yeah, Russell loves his blood, he’ll always push away make-up artists and really slap it on.
Daniel: I loved working with Russell, he’s a great director. He’s the most wonderful person. His movies are beautiful.

He’s very visual isn’t he? Some of the transitions in his earlier stuff like Highlander are very cleverly done.

Crystal: Working with him is interesting, because you’ll be like ‘Why are you spending hours filming a doorknob?’ But then you’ll see what he’s trying to do and you’ll be like ‘oooooh OK.’
Dan: There’s a transition in the first series where a character’s sleeping on a pillow, and he turn over, and he turns into a bed of leaves and the scene switches. He spent hours making that right. I try and shadow his work. He’s someone as a director I’d like to emulate.

Is directing something you’d both like to do?

Daniel: Yeah, definitely. I’d love to.
Crystal: I’d like to too, Russell’s someone I’d like to be, because he respects the actor’s process.

He’s not like Hitchcock then, he doesn’t view actors as cattle?

Crystal: Oh no, and I’ve worked with directors like that, where there’s a real disconnect. Sometimes Russell wll be focused on the shot, so even if you’re second priority, it can lend itself to some nice acting. He goes through things with the actors, he’ll say the lines with them.

That must make things easier. I remember seeing backstage footage of Lucas doing the Star Wars prequels and he just kind of sits with a coffee and says ‘yeah that’s fine.’

Daniel: When are they doing the new Star Wars films, next year isn’t it?
Crystal: Yeah I’m gonna be in it, hahaha!
Daniel: Really?
Crystal: Well no, but I’m just putting it out there that I’d like to be in it! I love fantasy stuff! I’m in my element here at the expo!

Teen Wolf Season 3 is airing now on MTV in the US. Teen Wolf Season 2 is out now from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, pick it up DVD for £15.97 from Amazon.co.uk.